If you’re planning on moving, ask yourself who are the best packers and movers near me? Well the professional movers and packers at Liberty Bell Moving & storage can make packing stress free. Sorting Breakables and packing them can be more stressful and challenging than actually moving. Don’t attempt to pack your fragile stemware and glasses yourself, let the professional full service packing services that Liberty Bell Movers offers take care of that for you. We will bring all the boxes, paper and tape along with trained and professional group of packers and movers you’ve ever seen.


Liberty Bell Moving and Storage’s full professional packing services  can pack any home no matter what the size in one day. Liberty Bell has a variety of durable and sturdy moving boxes for packing. Liberty Bell Moving & Storage is one of the best packing companies you will find, offering the best packing services and movers for all your packing needs. We are a complete home packing service company. We have professionally trained employees that will efficiently pack and label all your belongings. Let us relieve some of the stress related with your move by utilizing Liberty Bell Moving & Storage’s home packing services. We pack Picture boxes, Flat Screen TVs and our packers and movers always carefully assemble and pack your hanging garments in sturdy wardrobe boxes while offering packing services for all your needs.


Unlike other packing and moving companies, Liberty Bell Moving & Storage provides a minimum of 200 hours of Home packing services training to all our new employees. We understand how important a packing service can be to making the entire move a success. It starts with Sturdy packing boxes, lots of paper and the KNACK TO PACK. Weather were just packing your kitchen or the entire house, all the boxes will be labeled by room and contents of each box meticulously labeled on every box. We have a packing crew leader to oversee all our packers to make sure they provide you with the best packing services money can buy. Liberty Bell Moving is one of the best packing companies available.