Cane and Rush

Do you need Maine cane and rush repair ? Our Portland, ME furniture repair craftsmen can perform a wide variety of furniture repair services all throughout Maine. We take pride in the furniture repair work we perform and it shows in the end result of all of our furniture repairs completed. Our artisans are well trained in fixing cane and rush chairs. Take a picture of the piece you’d like to fix and text or email it to us! We’ll promptly get you a quote and a time frame for repairing your unique cane or rush chair.

Furniture Stripping

We are Portland Maine’s most experienced furniture stripping and furniture refinishing company in Maine. Our wood stripping craftsmen provide high quality work for all four corners of this beautiful state.  We are members of the Portland, Maine Chamber of Commerce and are active supporters of our Southern Maine community.   Why pay top dollar for cheap particle board furniture when you could have classic furniture stripped and refinished with that unique Maine touch and feel?!


Furniture Refinishing

Liberty Bell Furniture offers professional and quality Maine furniture refinishing services. Do you have an old and worn piece of furniture? Our Maine artisans can make your furniture items look like new!  We offer a furniture stripping service and are very meticulous in making sure all the prep work is done to perfection.  It is very important to get all of the previous coating completely removed to ensure a long lasting new finish.  After this is completed, we offer a variety of different services to bring your furniture back to life.

Furniture Painting

Is your furniture starting to show age with chipped paint or discoloration? Our Maine furniture painting repair shop in Portland specializes in furniture painting services of all furniture types. Whether it’s a night a nightstand or an old chair, Liberty Bell Furniture can perform quality and professional painting services.

Furniture Repair

Customers approach us daily sending pictures of furniture that they fear is broken beyond repair.  One of the reasons we love what we do, is the reward we get from taking something someone fears can never be fixed and making it look like it was never broken in the first place.  The smiles and joy on our customer’s face as they are walking out the door to return their favorite piece of furniture is incredible!  Nothing is impossible.  Don’t toss your furniture that has served you well for years because of an unfortunate accident.  We can fix it at a very reasonable rate.


Liberty Bell Furniture Repair & Upholstery has a reputation for being the best in the state!  Upholstery restoration is a craft that has been handed down for generations in the Liberty Bell Family. We offer THE most comprehensive furniture reupholstering service ranging from indoor, outdoor, and vinyl upholstery services.   For all your Maine Furniture Reupholstery needs, give us a ring!



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